Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rockin-Robin's INFO ON NEW BLOGS

Swagbucks has realized that codes are coming out when some of us are sleeping. So they have decided to issue codes a bit different for the different countries. By this I mean United kingdom and Ireland will get their own codes in their time zone, Australia will get their own codes in their time zone and the United States and Canada will get their own codes in their time zones. If you want you can bookmark these so you will easy access to them. If you are looking for more information about this you can go to your respective blogs and check it out for more information since they just posted it this morning.

For the United Kingdom and Ireland, swags has put up a facebook page for you and you can like it here. You can also find the blog for the United Kingdom and Ireland here.

For Australia, swags has not put up a facebook page, but as soon as they do I will post that link for you. But they have put up a blog and you can find it here. I am not positive, but believe that most of your codes will be posted in the blog.

For Canada you pretty much get what the United States gets as far as the codes go. But they have put a blog up for you also, and you can find it here.

If you enter a code that is not from your country you will see this,

This means the code is not for your country 

I hope this has helped swagbucks friends out in locating codes in their respective blogs. As always if you have any comments, suggestions or questions you can leave a comment and I will answer them. Or you can find me here.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rockin-Robin's tip on GAMES

Since I had not really tried to make the games play faster in the past, as they did not seem to work for me, I recently have been able to play them faster, and earn my swags faster. This will be the second post on how to play games, but will be the shorter version. Keep in mind that you will need to be a bit patient when playing the games this way and not click on the "go back to games" button too soon. You should be able to do this with any game in the game section.

When you go to games pick the game you want to play. I am not sure if they are doing tournaments again or not as I have not seen that button. So as far as I know you can only play the free games,

Just click on this to start any game

I chose to play this game as it has never failed me,

I find this one to be the easiest but you can choose any game you wish

You need to wait two minutes even if you have adblock on your computer. You need to be just a bit patient with this part or it will not work. Once two minutes are up, then you can click on the go back to games tab,

This is the tab you need to click on

I have heard others say you can click on the go back to game details, but that way has never worked for me whether I am letting the game play itself or if I have waited for the two minutes to move on.

After you have done this two times you should see this,

This will show up at the top of the screen if you have followed my instructions 

Now all you need to do is repeat this procedure eight more times to win 10 swagbucks. If by chance this does not work for you, you can always read my other blog post here and follow those instructions.

I hope this has helped you in earning your swagbucks with games. If you have any suggestions, questions or comments, please feel free to leave them. I will answer them to the best of my ability.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rockin-Robin's tip on CASINO TASKS

We have a new task that everyone seems to be enjoying. But those of you who do not understand how they are to be completed, this post is for you. They are very simple really to do and only one page long. You can earn anywhere from four swagbucks to ten swagbucks for these tasks. You will recognize them by their swagbucks or just by looking at the name of the tasks.

This is how they look to me, but they may look different if you are in Canada.

Just an example of what it should look like

The next thing you will want to do is copy what they have for you to look up. They will give you a the google link to check for it. After you find the right result you will want to enter which page you found the result on. You will enter it here,
Enter which page you found the result on

The next thing you are going to do is enter which result you found it on, for this example I used the third result down from the ads,

Just an example 

Then all you need to do is fill in the bubble you found the result on in this field,

Enter which number the result was

You will want to click on that result you found to go to the website it wants you to go to.  Then it will ask you three questions about the website that you need to answer. You can answer these questions honestly about how you feel about the site they want you to look at. 

Answer these questions 

The next thing you are going to do is located under the questions and you will have to pay attention to the task they are asking you to do,

So you will first want to move your mouse over the "Games" tab like this so you can see a drop down menu. Now I have tried to click on the "Featured Games" link, and sometimes it works for me, and  sometimes it does not.

Games tab on the website they want you to do the task for

To avoid having to hassle on whether or not I did the task right, I choose to click on the games tab and go to this page,

This is the games tab page you are taken too from the home page

From here I click on the featured games and get to the right page. Now you can try to go from the games tab to the featured games. If it will not work for you, then you need to start all over from the website's home page and click on the games tab to go to the other page. 

The next thing it will ask you to do is look for a certain game,

They will ask you another question here about what is the game name 

So on the featured game page you will scroll down to the third game listed,

This was the third game down from the top of the page. Copy  this to put in the box.

You will then copy that game and paste it in this box,

Paste the copied game name in this box

Then you will check this box at the very bottom of the task to verify you did the task the way they want you to.  

Make sure to check this box to verify you did the task correctly

If you do not do this task correctly you will see this,

If you did not do the task correctly you will see this and have to start over
If you did the task correctly the box will have a short time when a red box drops down to verify you did the task properly like this,

If you did the task correctly you will barely catch a glimpse of the bar saying that is verifying your attempt

Then you just need to click on the submit button to be rewarded for this task,

Click on the submit button when you have verified you did the task correctly

I hope I have helped you to understand how these casino tasks work. Also would like to let you know you can do them on other sites that have tasks. Usually you will find the casino tasks in the Matomy section of any site. But you may find them in the regular tasks also. Also you should know if you do them on one site you will not be able to do them on other sites as apparently they track the IPs for these tasks. At least that is my understanding. I could be wrong but I have yet to be able to do them on more than one site. 

Feel free to leave a comment, suggestion or ask a question about anything you have read. I will answer them any and all questions pertaining to my blog posts. If you give me a suggestion I will give you credit for the idea. I hope I have helped those who did not understand how to do these casino tasks. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rockin-Robin's tip on the NEW TRUSTED SURVEY AWARDS

As we all know, Swagbucks use to give you one swag a day just for a daily visit to Trusted Surveys. Awhile back Swags changed this.  Now you receive a one swag if the survey is over quota, or if you get disqualified from a survey, up to five swags a day. Now when you visit Trusted Surveys you can receive five swags a day.

When you attempt to do a survey, there is a way to know if the survey will go thru or not. Most look at the meter that is on the survey to see how far they get before the survey will disqualify them or or not. If you use firefox, just look at the bottom of the screen for this,

Can be found at the bottom of the window you are using 

This usually means you have been disqualified or the survey is over quota. On the next screen that comes up you will see either this,

If it is over quota you will see this

Or you will see this message,

Or you will see this message if you are disqualified

Both messages give you another message like this,

Letting you know the new way you are awarded swags

This seems to be better than just receiving one swag per day in Trusted Surveys, especially since most of you will get disqualified or the survey is over quota. But I know most of you would really rather see this,

This is much better to see during a survey

When you see this you know you have completed the survey, and if you click on the arrow by your swag amount your swags are usually awarded immediately. Or you can go to your swag account to see if they were awarded and also to see how many you received from the disqualified or over quota surveys.

As always I hope I helped you to understand the new way they are doing Trusted Surveys. Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question. You may also leave suggestions on what you would like to see posted. I will answer you.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Rockin-Robin's tip on SEARCHING

As most of you know my Swag Bucks account was deactivated yesterday. I sent an email to them to find out exactly what I did that caused my account to become deactivated. This morning I received an email stating that I was using a Auto-searcher, and that was an immediate deactivation. I have never used a bot to do searches, but since have figured out why they would think that. I did not follow my own advice on how to do a search.

When you do a search make sure to check out at least two search results on each page. You can do this in another window or another tab so you do not lose your place in the results.

Right click on the result to see this then make your choice which one you want to open

If you do not check out any of the results, Swags will say you are using an auto-searcher. If you do not get a search win the first time around, which is very rare, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and go to the next page of the search results.

More pages to search on

You may have to go through many pages

Also once you get your swag win you should share it on facebook or twitter, and have a confirmation email sent to you. This will may help give you credence that you did a valid search, and proof you won from a search in case it does not show up on your ledger.

You may also see a captcha that you will need to enter. It will only allow you to enter the captcha in a certain amount of time or you will lose the swag win, which could also make Swags think that you are using an auto-searcher.

If I had listened to my own advice and followed my own rules I would not have had my account deactivated. It is very important to check out the search results while you are looking for a search win. It is also very important to enter the captchas and not let them expire.